Vita Coco Coconut water

Press Release: Vita Coco Coconut water

Whether you are upping your pedal power for the Cape Town Cycle Tour on Sunday, 12 March, increasing your endurance for the Two Oceans Ultra Marathon on Saturday, 15 April or getting ready for the gruelling Comrades Marathon on Sunday, 4 June, staying hydrated is essential for race season success. Vita Coco Coconut Water is the natural and tasty way to defeat dehydration and keep you on course to the finish line.

Endurance training, coupled with fluid loss due to excessive sweating, can lead to dehydration. By drinking Vita Coco, an isotonic pick-me-up containing five naturally occurring electrolytes, your body will recover quicker. Plus, the high potassium content (on average 610mg of potassium per 330ml serving) will help prevent muscle cramping which can hamper your performance.

Another exercise perk of coconut water is that it can help improve your body’s circulation – meaning that vital oxygen and nutrients are transported quicker and more efficiently to help you make the most of your training.

Kick those sugar-laden energy drinks to the curb and include Vita Coco’s 100% Natural, Coconut Water in your race season prep. Loaded with electrolytes and potassium, it contains none of the artificial colourings, flavourings and sweeteners of traditional sports beverages. Made from the coconut water contained in young, green coconuts, Vita Coco is great tasting, fat-free and low in calories. It is the natural route to hydration and assists your body to reach peak performance, whilst invigorating you from the inside out.

Give your body the best preparation you can and make Vita Coco Coconut Water your race day essential. That finish line is waiting! – ENDS.

Ride’s comment

We have no evidence to endorse this product above any other energy drink. We can see the value of a natural energy product. As the press-release suggests, if you are going to use this product, try it – “in your race season prep.” And if you enjoy it, then apply it in a following race. As for Ride, we look forward to testing some of the water in our training too, and perhaps we’ll give it a rating on its performance.

Good luck for CTCT17!