Fast tracked for a win? – Trek road bikes

Fast tracked for a win? – Trek road bikes

How do you pitch a road bike that is fast tracked for a win to your partner, without flagging that a generous budget is required? New bikes are the bomb, of that there is no doubt – the sleek specs of the new models will make your mouth drool, and we hope you do. But, when you consider these new Trek bikes remember that they are built for the best or, at least, to make you feel that way. So, cautiously plan how you are going to afford one of these beautiful babies which appear in the Trek road bike 2018 range – and then deliver the message to your family with confidence.

Emonda – The lightweight revolution

Trek has released a new generation of its ultralight Émonda road bike line, shaving 50 g off the previous SLR models, weighing in at a mere 640g. In order to achieve this, Trek developed a new carbon layup that made its lightest bike even lighter. The 700 Series OCLV Carbon frame also enjoys an increase in stiffness and compliance, making the new Émonda family an offering with both the performance attributes required by dedicated racers and improved ride quality for everyday riders.

Also interesting is that a women’s model – Émonda SL 5 Women’s – has been added to the SL line-up

Trek South Africa’s range includes the Émonda SLR 8 and Émonda SL 6 Pro, SL 5, and SL 5 Women’s. Look out for these as they become available.

Madone 9.0

An alternative to the Emonda range is Trek’s new 9.0 Madone. According to the Trek engineers, the Madone 9.0 delivers all the highlights of the flagship line, including advanced aerodynamics, light weight and superb ride quality, at unprecedented value-for-money! Some of the award-winning features include:

  • Kammtail Virtual Foil tube shaping for cutting-edge speed and performance
  • an IsoSpeed decoupler to smooth out rough roads;
  • a fully integrated internal cable routing.

If you are familiar with previous Trek Madone, then the difference is that the one-piece Madone bar and stem combination of the last model has been replaced with a two-piece design. This increases versatility, and makes the 9.0 a perfect choice for riders and triathletes who need an aerodynamic bike with aero extensions for top racing performance, as well as a bike that can easily join a weekend outride with friends.  For a little outride with friends, it’ll cost you a value-for-money price of around R65K. Just thought we’d add that for some emphasis, and highlight why you need good familial relations when you consider the Madone 9.0