Tork Craft Work Stand

A work stand transforms your ability to keep your bike running smoothly – which, of course, makes you faster. Tork Craft’s offering is remarkably feature-packed, for a relatively low price, with a sturdy four-legged post that folds in for easy storage, and even has holes so you can peg it to the lawn if you are an active repairer.


The clamp mechanism is sturdy enough, if a little plasticky, but it should survive regular abuse – it swivels through 360 degrees, so you can clamp top tube, seat post or anywhere else, depending on your bike’s peculiarities. The clamp mechanism is quite easy to adjust, so you can make sure you don’t crumple your bike’s frame. Height adjustment means you can work at eye level, no matter where on the bike you want to play, and is done through a simple quick-release lever.

The supplied front wheel holder we found a little fiddly, but we did get used to it and finally ditched our dirty old bungee cord system to stop brake levers stabbing us in the eye. The unit comes standard with a magnetic tray, with holes and sticky-out-bits to hold tools. Nuts, bolts and washers but not, unfortunately, a coffee cup. A small oversight that doesn’t ruin, thankfully, a great value-for-money option for the home mechanic.

Tork Craft workstand
Price R1 280