Three-Year Ban for Rogue Riders


Ever snuck onto someone’s land with your MTB to explore some virgin territory? Not a good idea. Perhaps it wasn’t you – at any rate we hope not – but maybe you have a friend who doesn’t belong to a club and just wanted to ‘try it out’, or worse someone who blatantly ignored the rules and boasted about the free rides.

Land- and route owners together with event organizers in the Western Cape have decided to try and put a stop to this by taking action against these rogue riders. As a result, rogue riders will be banned for at least three years from all MTB events in the Western Cape including the FNB Wines2Whales(W2W), ABSA Cape Epic, and MTB events organized by MTB Adventures, Stillwater Sport & Entertainment, Dirtopia and PPA.

Harsh? Well, considering the intense cost and effort that goes into building and maintaining these trails and the fact that most of the trails are on privately owned land (where the right to ride is completely at the land owners’ discretion) it appears the time has come to curtail gratis mountain biking.

Rogue riders are not always the anti-establishment, up yours types, mind you – we know of a mom with a couple of kids who doesn’t see why she should have to pay because, she ‘doesn’t ride that often’. Whatever the reason for rogue riding, it spoils it for the rest of the larger and responsible MTB fraternity. MTB organisations have a mutual trust relationship with landowners and they would like to keep the trust alive.

“Please assist us in getting these rogue riders out of mountain biking, and allow us to continue creating some of the best MTB trails while maintaining respectful relationships with landowners.  Let’s continue to grow this amazing sport with responsible and like- minded riders,” urges Johan Kriegler, Director FNB W2W MTB Events.

Although most people don’t like to be whistle blowers, there is good reason to report deliberate, repeated rogue riding to Amarider. Amarider will manage the disciplinary process of rogue riders in the Western Cape.

For further information visit or contact them:
Tel 021 884 – 4547 or e-mail

  • Avid cyclist

    Best news today

  • Martin×4

    I support this cause! Viva Amarider!

    • Hendrik

      Agreed 100%

  • Skeletor

    Yes i agree with you there should be a level of disiplin,but some people who love mtb but just cant afford these hectic fees its geting out of controll something needs to be done about it , or is it stuff you if you cant afford it,so we now are entering a delema what is to be done selfish greed or can we all pull together and actually stop being selfish and be a true mtb comunity who are the best people in the world

  • David T

    keep rogue riders out, i also have land that riders that do not pay want to ride and climb over fences damaging these fences and leave the dirty work for me to do. thanks to all the riders that look after our land , we support safe riding. enjoy!!!!!

    • Nico Wassermann

      This will unfortunately only work with riders who do take part competitively. Those merely “out for fun” or “just riding” won’t enter for those events in any case!!!
      I also wonder whether this is not a way of protesting against those very expensive race entry fees. However, I do agree that such riding is not permissible. Land owners are land OWNERS …. but other means of punishment should be considered as well.

      • David T

        agree, race cost’s are very high, but unfortunately race organizers pocket the big bucks not land owners.

  • Chris Wiseman

    I support action to stop trespassing, a ban will hopefully put off regular race riders but something else is probably required to stop casual riders, perhaps even prosecution?
    See David T’s comment below. Do organisers really pocket big bucks or are these events not expensive to organise and run?

    • Joe

      Just another way for someone to make a buck…. That’s my opinion. There are other ways to curb rogue riders… I can see MTB just becoming another commercialized product if not already. I am done spending another penny on a race. I ride for the love of it!

      • Krish

        I agree, al these expensive race fees and banning riders, its killing the actual spirit of the sport, i do however understand land owners point of viwe, not sure how to solve all either

  • paul