The Burry Stander Foundation

Hopefully a part of Burry’s lasting legacy will be positive change in cycling road safety. In this vein the Burry Stander Foundation was conceived by friends and family with the mission to change legislation and raise awareness so that there will ultimately be zero bike related deaths on our roads.

Zoon Cronje one of the individuals driving the Foundation made it clear the Foundation is not trying to reinvent the wheel.  “Our aim is definitely not just to try and insure road safety for cyclists. The legislation we are going to work towards getting approved by the government will insure safety for all road users (cyclists, runners pedestrians, motor cyclists, motorists, taxi drivers as well as truck drivers. We aim to pass legislation as in certain European countries where the lowest form of transport carries the highest importance. It goes as follows: pedestrian, cyclist, motorbike, car, minibus, bus, truck”.

Immediate Goals:

1.       Drive a nationwide petition to change legislation

2.       Hand over petitions to government at mass rides in Cape Town and Johannesburg

3.       Pass the 1.5m passing rule into law

4.       Fight to change legislation

5.       Help raise awareness and assist other worthy initiatives like building bike lanes

6.       Educate cyclists about the rules of the road and road use etiquette

How can you help?

1.       Sign the petition and add your voice

2.       Pledge towards the Foundation to help fund what we stand for

3.       Show your support, wear the armband

4.       Be an ambassador whenever you ride, obey the rules of the road and be courteous toward motorists. We need mutual respect.


Until the site is officially launched, Burry’s Facebook fanpage will be the official page for the foundation.