Take some advice on your attitude to training from the Swiss!

James Reid in Switzerland

The Swiss can teach us about precision and preparation in XCO and MTB training. So discovered James Reid, when he was in Switzerland, and he wrote about it in the August issue of Ride.

Quick takeouts:

If you haven’t read the feature, it is still worth reading and learning from his insights – some of the highlights, we list below:

  1. Plan meticulously. Plan your training schedule in preparation of an event. Note your weekly and monthly training schedule and don’t deviate from it.This will focus you for the effort you want to put into the event itself
  2. Be precise. Once you are adhering to the schedule of training, set your targets. Be they time, effort or output, aim to stick to them. Technical equipment which we readily purchase can be used to maximize your efficiency and output, so use it to the best of your ability
  3. Develop your own killer instinct, whether it be competition against the best, or against yourself – be determined
  4. Strive for cycling perfection

The real insights come from James himself, read the article and see whether you can refine your cycling to the excellence of Swiss chocolate.

If you want to read the August issue, the digital edition remains available.