Suffer with cramps? 5 Tips to combatting cramps.

Suffer with cramps? Here are 5 tips to help you combat that chronic pain

Are you one of those cyclists who during or after a long and intensive cycle battle with the sudden un-expected muscle contraction, that has you writhing in agony as the pain slowly subsides? Here are 5 tips to combat the chronic pain associated with cramps:


You can ease a cramp in your calf without dismounting. Calf cramps can be countered by putting the crank at 5 o’clock, sliding back in the saddle, locking your knee and dropping your heel to stretch the calf.


If cramp strikes the muscles in the soles it can cause a crippling pain. Find a safe stretch of road, grab your toes and bend them back as far as your shoe will allow. (This can be difficult with carbon soled shoes.) If the cramp persists then dismount, take off your shoe and repeat.


Should cramp strike in one of your hands, bend it backwards at the wrist. Then contract and relax the hand a few times to push out the cramp.


One in four athletes suffer from leg cramps, especially at night, after a heavy endurance session. Magnesium deficiency is one of the main reasons for nocturnal leg cramps. Around 50 per cent of us have low levels of magnesium in our bodies. Eat something with high magnesium content, such as a banana, before bed, or try a magnesium supplement.


A post-ride rub-down like the pros get after a race, or even a self-massage increases blood circulation. It feeds oxygen and nutrients to the tissues for muscle recovery. If the cramps persist consider getting a professional bike fit, as your riding position could be the cause.

So there you go… take note of these options and try them out. Let us know which ones help you combat cramps.