Stay motivated – four steps to keep you fit

Stay motivated – James O’Ehley’s tips 1-4 for sticking to your exercise regimen

In the May 2017 issue of Ride magazine, James O’Ehley outlines 12 tips for staying motivated, and sticking to your exercise regimen. To give you a head-start, we provide the first four. For the rest, don’t forget to read the May issue of Ride magazine. Simply get a copy here.

Tip 1: Pick new routes

Explore a bit, try a few new routes….don’t be a hamster on a wheel. Try cycling around a new neighbourhood instead of your own. Leisurely rides over the weekend because the traffic is quieter are ways to get new ideas and plot new routes.

Tip 2: Join a cycling club

If you’re a social type, cycling on your own might not be for you. Joining a cycling club in which other people share the same interests might just be the jolt your exercise programme needs.

Tip 3: Take a break from cycling

Heresy, we know. Try jogging, power walks or swimming. Consider strengthening your core at the local gym or join a spinning class. Think of yourself as an athlete, don’t become sedentary, but try different exercises.

Tip 4: Get a cycling buddy (or buddies)

There are so many benefits of cycling buddies – where do we start? Friends, challenges, fines –  James outlines a few apt ones in the magazine. Ultimately, a couple of good friends helps motivate through commitment, participation and acceptance. Give your old mate a call…

That’s a start. Already you are feeling more positive about what is to come.