Rad Roller

rad roller massage tool

The Rad Roller is a new product to South Africa, developed in the US by pro triathlete Dan McIntosh and corrective exercise therapist Mike Mallory. We gave it a try and found it works, if you know how to use it correctly. Ouch, that felt good.

‘Roller’ is a little misleading, because although you would use it to roll your foot or arm over, you wouldn’t necessarily roll your back or neck over it, as we mistakenly tried before following the instructions. Ahem. On a side note, we have see the prototype of the Rad Helix, a product in the Rad pipeline that is designed to target larger areas and will be perfect for rolling tired and sore back muscles against. But back to the little guy.

rad roller massage tool

The Rad Roller is designed to reach specific areas where myofascial release is needed in a more focused way than a foam roller for example, to dig into those hard to reach places. We found that targeting muscles was painful but so are visits to the pysio or rolling on a foam roller when muscles are really knotted and tight.
The instructions for using the Rad Roller on your back suggest that you “Lie back onto the roller and let your body completely relax. Breathe in and out, then lift your ribcage up off the roller, move to the next segment of your spine and repeat.”

However, when we gave that a go we found it a bit awkward (the roller kept lying skew, so that each ball was not evenly distributed on either side of the spine) and extremely uncomfortable. Fortunately, Rad Roller sent Riaan Erasmus to our offices to give us a demo of how to use it effectively and he suggested that you lean against a wall and place the Rad Roller between the wall and your back. We tired this and it worked far better as there wasn’t full body weight on the roller. It was also easier to maneuver up and down the spine. We also found that sitting in a straight-backed chair with the roller placed between the lower back and the chair helped with posture and to relieve some lower back ache.

Although this ‘toy’ in not entirely intuitive, if you play with it you’re bound to find a way in which it works for you.

Price Around R450
Email radrollersa@gmail.com
For more on the Rad Roller visit their website.

rad roller

The Rad Roller comes in three different desities, soft, medium (original) and firm. We tested the original and it was decidedly firm.

  • Muz

    I regularly use two tennis balls taped together to do exactly what this Rad-roller was designed for. The only difference is the tennis balls and tape cost me about R5 and 2 minutes of my time to make whereas this product is R450 for two foam balls? Seems ludicrous!