Oakley Jawbreaker with Prizm Trail Lens

Designed in collaboration with Mark Cavendish, there are three things you notice, immediately, about the Jawbreakers. First, they are mighty big. These could be the ones that cross the boundary of common decency in the coffee shop.

Second, they have removed the blind spot that the Jawbones had, where looking over your shoulder on the road was a hit-and-miss affair. Peripheral vision is the best we have found in an Oakley product, since the heady days of the ’80s Factory Pilots.

And thirdly, the big Cav bit: when you are in the hammer position, crouched down into the wind, you can just glance up, without tilting your head, and look through the expanded lens surface – no frame in the way. This does make the glasses sit a bit higher than normal, and they did force us to re-fit some of our helmets. The earpieces have been redesigned to be adjustable, to slot into the front of a wide range of helmets, and they certainly fit more than the Jawbones.

Our test pair came with the Prizm Trail lenses – and what a step-up these are for cycling lenses. They claim the Trail lens boosts the red and brown spectra, making plants look more vivid and increasing the contrast so that you can read the trail conditions better. We found they worked well in almost all conditions, but were too bright for direct African sunlight. All the more reason to ride in forests, we say. The road Prizm lens enhances the greens and blues, to make road surfaces more readable, and road hazards more visible.

Price: Around R2650