Natty Newbie episode 17: Who's the lucky bike and kit winner?

The competition has closed and the winner drawn. And guess what? He’s a very deserving chap very much in need of a new pair of wheels.

Buddy Duper from Piet Retief is the winner of our Natty Newbie competition. When I contacted him, this is what he had to say: “You can’t imagine how happy I am. At age 59, I still am a keen mountain biker and enjoy riding about 10-kilometres every day at five in the morning. I have an old Haro that I rode in the Argus in 2001. This feels unreal and I really appreciate it.”

So we’ll be getting Buddy in touch with his nearest CyleLab store and have him kitted out in all the finery that I’ve been so privileged to ride in. There is one thing nicer than getting new things for yourself and that is giving them away to someone who is as overjoyed as Buddy is.























Happy riding Buddy – and stay in touch. And to the thousands of Natty blog followers who entered the competition: thank you for following my blog and posting your entries, sharing the stories and commenting. Keep an eye out for more great Ride competitions – we’re always keen to spread the love of cycling.

Pedal on…




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