Natty Newbie episode 10: Prima donna mountain bike race jitters

Just three days before the Ride Crater Cruise race and first-time mountain biker Natty Newbie is in a state. Don’t forget to enter the fabulous competition to win a starter mountain bike and kit worth R22 000.

Oh my gosh, I’ve just received confirmation of my race entry for the Ride Crater Cruise this weekend in Parys’s Vredefort Dome, a World Heritage Site. And guess what? I am classified as a veteran. A VETERAN, I say! What rot is this? There’s still plenty of life left in these legs. And thanks to regular Simon Says moments in front of the TV watching and following Yoga for Cyclists DVD I can still, touch my toes and even do a shoulder stand. So where do they get veteran from?

On reading the entry I stormed across to the Ride magazine editor’s office and lodged a complaint about this ageist sport.

Tim Brink, the new editor of Ride, has a wicked sense of humour and after explaining that 40 and up are vets (I squeaked in at 40) then added: “Just be grateful that you don’t do running. Then veterans have to wear a V on their shirts.

“Oh,”replied I,”and what’s that for? Do not reVive?”

After this shock, I am off to CycleLab for pre-race retail therapy. I’ll be adding a set of bar ends and new grips to my handlebars (R180), a special bike wash (R95) to give my sexy Merida a sponge bath after the race on Saturday and for me, a pair of Oakley Radars to look cool (because after eight weeks I still can’t hold a line but, being a Capetonian, the only thing that matters is how you look).

The great thing about my shopping spree dear reader is that you get to benefit too. Each of these new items will be added to the grand prize, pushing the total value up to R22 000. So don’t forget to enter the competition to win a Merida Big Nine TFS300 29er and start-up kit worth that includes a pair of Oakley sunglasses and a Bryton Rider 20 bike computer with heart-rate monitor. Nice hey!

Till next time, pedal on…

Natty Newbie


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  • Katt Scrooby

    Natty you had me LOL in the office, i must admit that when i found out i was a sub-vet i was equally horrified. How utterly rude calling anything near veteran i am a mere 32 (and isnt your 30’s the new 20’s and your 40’s the new 30’s)?
    Anyway good luck with your ride
    Love your articles

    • Natty Newbie

      Hi Katt – I had a great ride, thank you. And this weekend got a particular thrill as I pedaled past puffing riders half my age. Stamina and experience is what we vets get for our war wounds. Er, yes, and sore backs aching joints and wrinkles. But nevermind that. Enjoy your sub-vets while you are in them, but life begins at 40! LOL!
      Luv Natty

    • Natty Newbie

      Hi Katt – thanks. I got a particular thrill this weekend when I pedaled past puffing riders half my age. What we vets get for our war wounds is stamina and experience (eventually) – oh yes and sore back, aching joints and wrinkles, but nevermind that. Enjoy your sub-vets, but life really begins at 40!! LOL!

      Luv Natty