Nãkd & Trek natural nutritional products by Nature’s Delicacies

Nãkd, Trek and Fruit Bowl products

Your best choice of nutrition is always a tough choice at a race expo, event-tent or local retail outlet. As a cyclist, it is always tainted with past experiences, convictions of great influence and optimism of improved performance. Which, amongst the many nutritional products, should you choose for training and event purposes?

We posed this question to the most knowledgeable, experienced and, of course, scientific group of people we could find – the members of our cycling group. We took a quick scan of what comprised the nutritional armory. Amongst the many samples which appeared from dark and shadowy places, were bananas, Future-Life bars, GU or Hammer Gel tablets. The subject kept the banter and debate going for another 20-odd kilometres. We conclude: the options are endless. And if change is to take place, use word-of-mouth, give away a freebie,  or capture a cyclist in a time of need – and you will achieve great success.

Introducing Nãkd

If you are considering a nutritious, healthier alternative food without compromising on taste, then look out for the Nãkd, Trek and Fruit Bowl products, from Nature’s Delicacies. We discovered them a number of events ago when enthusiastic assistants at a race expo offered tastings of the various bars and nibbles, each time we walked past.

Nãkd snack bars and nibbles are wheat free, gluten free, dairy free, GMO free, vegan, kosher and contain no added sugars. Although you cannot sample these products directly off the page, look out for the prominent branding and consider the predominantly date-based nutritional bars, and nibbles on your next long cycle. Or better still, enter the competition we are running, and you could win a hamper of Nãkd products.

Look out for the following packages at your local pharmaceutical, sports or grocery retailer – and learn a bit about them before you get there: