Louis Garneau Carbon LS-100

Light, airy and as stiff as anything, we might have found the perfect summer shoe for the narrow of foot.

Louis Garneau is a Canadian company that keeps on producing pro-level stuff at affordable prices. At 235g, these shoes are light – as light as some of the bike porn that costs twice as much. And they are well ventilated, ideal for the African summer, with a Boa closure system that is easy to adjust on the fly, for all-day foot comfort.

Both Boas ratchet in the same direction, so we found tightening the left shoe a minor irritant, it seems to want to turn the other way, but that is really a nitpick in an otherwise superb closure set-up. The Boa release – you loft the whole unit away from the shoe – is one of the best out there: no fiddly buttons to get frustrated with, especially with sweaty or gloved hands.

The fit is quite narrow, borderline for our Specialized-shaped feet (if you need a benchmark), but no more so than many of the Italian brands, and heel-rise on the super-thin yet adequately stiff carbon fibre sole is minimal, for riders who like a flatter shoe. We can’t wait for summer, when the full cooling effect of these shoes should shine.

Price R2995