How to get the most from your pre-ride coffee hit!

How to get the most from your pre-ride coffee hit!


Exercise benefits

Studies have shown caffeine to have three core benefits for exercise in doses of 75mg per serving or more:

  • it improves focus and mental performance,
  • increases endurance,
  • and reduces rate of perceived exertion.

Caffeine also aids muscle recovery by increasing the rate at which your body replenishes lost muscle glycogen.


When to drink

Caffeine takes about 45 minutes to fully absorb and has a half-life of 5.7 hours. So ideally, aim to drink coffee 30 to 45 minutes before a ride, then use caffeine gels to keep topped up during your session. Best of all, a post-ride cup with your friends is not only fun, but will help accelerate recovery of aching muscles.


How much?

Too much caffeine can bring about jitteriness or heart palpitations, but exactly where that limit lies varies from person to person. Widely accepted research suggests that 2-3mg per kilogram of body weight is optimal for sports performance, while the European Food Safety Authority recommends no more than 400mg per day for general use.