Get the best bike for your buck: 5 great bike deals on Gumtree right now

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Get the best bike for your buck: 5 great bike deals on Gumtree right now

Once the cycling bug has bitten, it doesn’t take long before you realize that your starter bike must be replaced with something more performance orientated. Your rookie cycling days are over, and loftier challenges await.

Part of progressing in cycling is realizing that it requires a substantial investment, but fortunately your love of the sport doesn’t need to break the bank. Online platforms like Gumtree are packed with great deals, if you know what to look for.

Here are some lekker options on the site right now, for example:

If none of those is the upgrade you’ve been looking for, keep looking. Make a smooth ride out of your next big purchase with this guide to finding a great deal online:

Do your research

Understand your needs and balance them against your budget. This will help you avoid pitfalls and save you time and money. Chat to friends, look at bikes around you, and spend time on the websites of your preferred bike brands to figure out which models and components will work for you, and what price you can expect to pay.

Get set up for success

Register on your purchase platform of choice, and fill in as many details about your interests as possible. Gumtree allows you to get specific about the brands, type and model of bike you are looking for through helpful drop-down suggestions.

Once you’ve done that, create alerts and wish-lists for bikes and cycling equipment that interest you. Note the price, the type of bike and gear, and the area so that you’ll be served the most relevant ads.

Know what type of purchaser you are

Buying cycling equipment online requires a balance between impulsive and considered buying. Gumtree has a great app that allows you to set up mobile alerts, and sends notifications direct to your phone. This will ensure that you’re the first to know when the item you’ve been looking for is listed. If you receive an alert for the bike which meets your requirements, act immediately so you don’t miss out on a great deal.

Get to know your seller

Once you’ve identified a particular bike that meets your requirements, do some quick research into your seller. Enquire about their cycling history, event participation and positioning. This will give you an indication of how much the bike has been used, what condition the components are in, and whether you’ll have to service the bike or upgrade certain parts soon.

It’s also a god idea to check the seller’s Gumtree profile, including their activity and history.  If they’re a regular Gumtree user with a long history on the site, chances are high that you’ll be getting a fair price and a good product. Once you’re ready to purchase your bike, register for Shepherd, an additional security service which checks the goods before you release your funds to make sure you’re getting what you paid for.

Recoup the cost of your new bike by selling your old one

The urgency of upgrading your bike and accessories can ride away with you, but the beauty of online purchasing platforms is that you can be buyer and seller concurrently. So, while you are seeking your next ‘baby’, sell your existing one to offset the cost.

Here are some steps to follow to ensure you get the best price for your old bike:

  • Take care when taking photos. Clean your bike, position it in a pleasant environment. Take several photos from different angles to give a full perspective.
  • Describe the bike in detail. The information you provide, especially if you have upgraded components, provides support to your asking price and shows that you are credible seller.
  • Price strategically. Don’t over-price but be fair to yourself. If you’re unsure of where to set your price, consult specialists, friends and Dr. Google. Make sure that you are confident in your pricing strategy so you don’t get tempted by low-ball offers.
  • Take care when you get down to payment and transfer of ownership. It’s preferable that the transaction takes place somewhere public and visible such as a parking lot or outside a police station. Whichever you prefer, use your commonsense, and consult Gumtree for safety guidance.

These helpful tips will set you on the road to securing the best bike for your buck or the best buck for your bike.