First FORMAL QUALIFICATION FOR Bicycle Mechanics registered

First FORMAL QUALIFICATION FOR Bicycle Mechanics registered

The registration of the first national training standard for bicycle mechanics was announced by Torq Zone Academy on Tuesday February 28, 2017. The qualification is in answer to the rapid advances in bicycle technology and the need for structured training and standards in the profession.


The Occupational Certificate: Bicycle Mechanic, NQF Level 4

The Occupational Certificate: Bicycle Mechanic, NQF Level 4 makes South Africa one of only a few countries to offer a formal training standard in this field.  Torq Zone, the industry leader in bicycle repairs and maintenance, in conjunction with key industry role players, initiated the development of this national qualification 3 years ago.

“Cycling has become the fastest growing sport in the country and has over the past few years created growth opportunities for the economy.  However, trained and qualified bicycle mechanics are in short supply due to ever increasing demands for the professional repair and maintenance of bicycles. ” says Graeme Stickells, managing director of the Torq Zone Academy.

“This much needed qualification benefits the industry in that it not only formalises the profession, but establishes much needed standards, improves safety, and recognises formal training.  It also assesses the skill of bicycle mechanics, and provides much needed professional recognition,” Stickells adds.

The Academy will shortly offer the national qualification in conjunction with its UK based and internationally recognised Cytech training scheme, ensuring dual certification for successful learners. In addition to the UK the Cytech programme is also offered in Australia and Canada thereby offering learners access to overseas work opportunities.

Since November 2014 the has Academy offered a range of training solutions from home mechanic courses for cycling enthusiasts, to internationally certified courses for prospective bicycle mechanics.

“With today’s high unemployment rate, this qualification offers businesses an ideal CSI opportunity to create training and job opportunities for previously disadvantaged individuals, Stickells adds.


If you are interested in one of the courses which TorqZone is presenting, including the Occupational Certificate: Bicycle Mechanic NQF4 course, Ride has made this easy. Simply leave your details on this form.