A day in the life of the Spruit Fairy

A day in the life of the Spruit Fairy

Have you ever wondered how the Spruit is kept in shape? We did some investigating after a recent tip-off and came across the Spruit Fairy. For a day, we followed the Fairy and discovered various stories of repair and maintenance. This charitable effort means that we carry on cycling each weekend, week-day and anytime we feel the urge. Here is a quick look at a day in the life of the Spruit Fairy.

The call comes in…

It’s a Whatsapp pic of a fellow rider that has taken a nasty fall (this time in early October 2017). He suffered a broken hand, face cut, teeth knocked out – all in all, not a beautifying sight.

Where? What? How?

This time is happened at the Rustenburg Road underpass, close to the Virgin Active Gym. The metal grating entrance has torn, forming a hole and the rider took a hard fall. It’s been over four years of floods and rust, since “the bridge arrived one evening”, and now…

It’s time for a makeover!

We follow the Fairy for the day. At 8am: The Fairy loads the bakkie with tools, welder, grinder a good few extension cords. Labour required. The Fairy gets on the mobile and organizers reliable helpers.

Preparations are then required:

  • Need to work out how much expanded mesh to buy!
  • The Fairy drives to the accident spot, tape measure in hand. And then, off to the steel merchant in the West Rand, for a good price on expanded mesh…
  • Double strength mesh at 40kg/m compared to previous 20kg/m (Not cheap at R4700 for 5 sheet).

Back on site:

  • Need power for the welder
  • Off to Virgin Active Gym – not for a workout. Imagine the look the Fairy got!
  • With a little explanation, co-operation and assistance from the VA manager, we were up and running

The Afternoon session:

12pm: 5 sheets of expanded mesh, each weighing close to 100kg’s get unloaded. Each is measured and cut to size, and welded carefully into place. The process is slow but the structure must be strong, and smooth.

The Fairy then digs in an off cut sheet to link the main bridge up onto the earth embankment.

4pm: job done.

5pm: The Fairy enjoys a quiet beer following another day of voluntary contribution.

Other work which took place over the same month

Although all work is done as a hobby and service to the community, these things always cost something. If you enjoy the Spruit and feel the urge to contribute, please consider a donation to the following account:

Account Name: Spruit Trail

Nedbank Current account 1053887086

Branch code : 198765

Ref: your email