David George's official statement regarding positive EPO test

“On 29th August 2012, I returned an out of competition positive test for Erythropoietin (EPO).I will not be asking for a B sample to be tested as I know the result will ultimately be the same. This decision will be communicated to Cycling South Africa (CSA) and Drug Free Sport shortly and according to protocol.I fully understand the consequences of my admission and will bear the results of this.

Cycling, as you know, has been a confusing space and although it has given me incredible moments it has also given me experiences that no person or young athlete should have to go through.

I would like to apologise to my sponsors, who have given me every opportunity to chase a dream, and team mates, for whom I have the utmost respect. I will endeavour to make right where humanly possible.”


  • Malcolm

    O no! What about KE? Who supplied the drugs???

  • alex

    Thanks for the admission David, its the first step to a new life! –

  • Steven

    Best of Luck David i hope everything works out fine.Hope you not going to stop riding but stop using EPO would be the first step.

  • Disappointed

    I am so sick of doping in cycling to the point that the Tour de France has become a non-event to me – I don’t even bother to follow road cycling. It is no longer a competition for cyclists but for “drug companies”. Guys, you are not only ruining your and your team mates’ careers – you are ruining the future of a great sport.

    I know a lot of mountain bikers are very disappointed because David has taken part in many mountain biking events. And I guess we were ignorant to the existence of doping in MTBing. It makes you wonder who else is involved?

    My boy was very proud of David George and Kevin Evans signing his t-shirt at the 2009 Sani2c. I guess we should stop looking at “successful” people as our role models.

    My wife and I have come to the conclusion that it is maybe a waste of money and time to invest in our son’s cycling career. Doping creates an unfair racing environment and we can’t afford to have him compete in such an environment. We will be poorer for it and he won’t stand a chance.

  • Johnny

    The scary question of course is who will be next!! I feel little sympathy for DG or people who say the will to win makes them take EPO….they decide to take it. I feel moree sorry for the other careers that have been wrecked, and the clean competitors who could have won events. Also begs the question how lon has it been going on???

  • Mark

    Coke would probably make me a little sharper at work and i do have immense pressure but you don’t see me cutting a line in the toilet………we all have pressure to preform in sport and life. In say well done for admitting to it, take the consequences like a man and move on.

    Id rather go down straight than lie to myself and my fans!

  • Charles

    It is so easy to sit on the sidelines and thrown sticks and stones when you yourself have never been in that persons position. Yes what David did was wrong, and he will bear the consequenses of his actions. All I can say is best of luck David and God speed into the future.

  • rob

    He should be banned for life. Caught for at least the 3rd time with excessive haematocrit levels (read EPO), maybe 4th; – a serial cheat who has stolen podiums/money/admiration from other more worthy riders. Not worthy of standing on the start line in G batch. Culpability extends to all the teams:management/medical staff/team members that allowed him to continue knowing of his underhanded activities. I am only confused by the fact that few if any of the riders he competes/d against have not condemned him – they either do not mind losing or play the game the same way. A life ban for all cheats is the only way to clean up the sport. CSA needs to take the bull by the horns and lead the way, because the UCI has not, and is lead by the wrong class of person.