Becks Blue backs Mountain Biking

Joanna Dobinson in action during the 2016 BUCO Origin Of Trails in Stellenbosch. Photo Credit: Tobias Ginsberg

Becks Blue backs Mountain Biking

Becks Blue – it rolled off the tongue like we should immediately know what this product is about. So we did a quick office survey. Anybody know about Becks Blue? Initial thoughts: investment brokers, property moguls, spring or sparkling water producers? Never heard of it!

Becks Blue

Let’s not keep you in the dark any longer – Becks Blue, says Viloshi Soni – marketing manager of this well-established household product is: ” a non-alcoholic beer that delivers on full beer taste.  It’s ideal for those consumers that are looking to live life to the fullest without compromise.” So there you have it.

If you had said that it was a Beck’s – of course – beer! Cool, love it! Lekker that they have got involved in cycling. Long may it last. When its announced as Becks Blue – no apostrophe, and no reference to what it is, we’re in the dark.


Becks Blue Mountain Bike event partnerships

But not for long, Beck’s Blue has partnered with Fedhealth MTB Challenge  and the BUCO Origin of Trails. Both events are Stillwater Sports events, which Michael Meyer oversees as Managing Director of Stillwater Sports. “We are excited to welcome Becks Blue as a partner of both the Fedhealth MTB Challenge and the BUCO Origin Of Trails,” said Meyer, “We’d like to encourage an active, healthy lifestyle.  With Becks Blue as a partner mountain bikers can share their race stories while enjoying an ice cold beer ‘guilt free’ in the finish area.”

‘Guilt free’ or ‘Well-earned’

We guess as a partner to these exciting Mountain Biking events, that Becks Blue will be prominent at the end of the events. We are grateful that they are supporting the Mountain Bike fraternity. So whether you are a non-alcoholic, “Guilt free” Becks Blue supporter or you prefer the alcoholic “Well-earned” Beck’s, then look out for these two events: Fedhealth MTB Challenge (September 16-17th, 2017) and the BUCO Origin of Trails (November 25-26th, 2017).

Becks Blue and BUCO

Lastly, if like us, you were slightly confused by the Becks Blue brand name, perhaps the name BUCO has been as confusing to you. So here is a piece of useless information from an enthusiastic cyclist: Pennypinchers – that trusty building supply centre is no longer. In its place, is BUCO. There you have it!

Photo: Joanna Dobinson in action during the 2016 BUCO Origin Of Trails in Stellenbosch. Photo Credit: Tobias Ginsberg