Anatomic Ladies Ergonomic Bib Shorts – Reviewed


Locally made to the highest standards, the Anatomic Ladies Ergonomic bib shorts are well worth investing in. We tested a pair of the bib shorts over four rides. Three training rides and a stage of Origin of Trails. We could just have well been wearing The Emporer’s New Clothes the shorts were so comfy.

On the topic of being in the buff, the shorts are designed with a handy little feature: a zip at the back. The theory behind this is that if you find yourself racing and the call of nature isn’t just the sound of bird cries overhead, you have the option of relieving yourself quickly, while retaining your dignity. Sort of.

The zip allows you to slip the shorts off your tush and have a piddle without having to disrobe entirely (you do need to drop the straps off your shoulders for the fabric to have enough give). Happily your front bits will have some protection and you won’t end up with penguin syndrome (waddling with pants around your ankles). However, unless you have no skaam whatsoever we still suggest you find a bush or tree from behind which to perform your ablutions.

When you are racing, it’s speed that counts, and the Anatomic advert states “No flashing and I’m just as quick as the boys!” We put these bib shorts to the test and named it the Striptease Test without the Tease, so it became the Strip or Stripper Test. Regardless of the name, this highly scientific study was undertaken by a single individual in a largely uncontrolled environment. This time test was created to establish how long it takes to get into position using a regular, high quality pair of ladies bibs compared with using the Anatomic Ladies Ergomic bib shorts. For this test we included the time it takes to unzip and slip off a cycling shirt (with a full length zip and empty pockets) before getting the bibs off and into a suitable position.

The Results
Regular style ladies bib shorts: 9.07 sec
Anatomic Ladies Ergonomic bib shorts: 6:92 sec

There you have it. When every second counts the Ergonomics have a near 24% advantage.

As for the functionality of the rest of the shorts, we found the straps comfortable, they don’t cut into the skin or place undue pressure on your shoulders. The silicon gripper dots around the inside of the legs make sure that the shorts don’t ride up as you cycle and the Ergonomic padding is lightweight and high density but perhaps little on the thin side for longer rides (4 hours plus).

All in all a fantastic product and great value for money too.

Although we put the bibs through a fairly thorough testing process, we didn’t quite crash down the Sani Pass to test the full extent of its durability. We didn’t have to. One of the Ride Twitter followers obliged (unwittingly). According to @RockSpider85 “They are the best!! I have two pairs. The one is still intact after a wipe out on sani pass!”

anatomic bib shorts very durable (still intact) after fall on Sani Pass



Price R1195

Anatomic Sportswear