32Gi Foodbar

32Gi Food bar

32Gi Foodbars are healthy range of cold pressed bars made from only natural ingredients for a meal on the go before during or after exercise. We found that they tasted good and had a texture more like food (although soft, almost like dried fruit bars) rather than a typical energy bar. Our favourite flavour was the Cocoa Coconut (any chocoholic would agree) followed by the Cranberry Date tied with the Fig Cashew Nut and then the Apple Cinnamon bar. Of course that’s a totally subjective opinion, they’re all good and you’ll either like them or… you won’t.

The 32Gi foodbars use natural ingredients, have no added sugar and are gluten, dairy, soya and egg free. They also have no artificial sweeterners or preservatives, are GMO free and vegan friendly and have a 1:4 protein:carb ratio.

All-in-all good stuff!